Quake Hush Stalker II Swivels


Hush Stalker II 1" QD metal swivels are extremely strong and durable. In fact, they are stronger than most steel swivels on the market and the QD metal swivel is 25% stronger than the original design. Plus, the low profile, flat swivel design prevents direct contact with the stock thereby keeping it scratch-free.

Now, sling removal is even faster and simpler with the Hush Stalker II QD design. As with all gun swivels, it is highly recommended that they be periodically checked for retaining pin tightness to prevent personal injury or damage due to swivel disconnection. This practice should especially be observed just prior to (and during) any field use of a gun. Proper maintenance of Hush Stalker II QD metal swivels will provide years of reliable service.

£ 11.99

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