Birchwood Casey Off-Eye Optical Lens Filter

By: Birchwood Casey

Shoot with both eyes open!

• Removable, reusable and convenient vinyl cling material - no more tape.

• Fits all types of eye protection.

• Maintain situational awareness.

Rarely do advanced shooters shoot with one eye closed. The advantage of both eyes open is 3D depth perception, field of view and peripheral vision. Binocular vision gives us the ability to pick up on a moving target quicker and react more accurately and efficiently. For shotgun, rifle, handgun or archery.

The problem: Shooting is done with a dominant eye and it’s not always the same as your dominant hand. Your dominant eye is the decision maker, however a problem arises when your non-firing eye wants to be involved and interferes with the shooting process. With cross/middle dominant vision you end up seeing two targets or two barrels when you shoot because your off-eye is too strong. This off-eye situation can be prevalent with many shooters and to varying degrees. To solve this problem, you have to trick or suppress the interference of a strong support eye.

The science: Off-Eye Optical Filters are designed to take advantage of our brain’s ability to fill in the missing parts of an obscured image. Think about when you look through a window blind or through a picket fence from a moving vehicle. The image that’s on the other side of the blind or picket fence is never fully in view but our brain puts together the pieces to form a full image.

The solution: This patented product allows full-time use of a dominant aiming eye and allows the shooter to keep both eyes open. Off-Eye Optical Filters are the first shooting aid designed to not block your vision but to hone the way your eyes perceive the target.

How to use: You simply decide how much of your off-eye you need to filter. Start with the strongest filter on your shooting glasses and work to the lighter filter to get the best fit for your eyes. With your glasses off, focus on an object in the distance with both eyes open. While maintaining focus at the distant object, point your finger at the object; two fingers will be visible in your unfocused, near vision. Now put your filtered shooting glasses on; you should see one strong image of the finger from your shooting eye and one faint image from your non-shooting eye. Your choice of filter strengths allows you to filter a little or a lot and maintain full involvement of the aiming eye.

Directions: After removing cling material from backer, apply the vinyl cling to glass lens over the non-aiming eye positioning on the lens as desired. The underside of the Off-Eye Optical Filter works on either the outside or inside of your glasses. You can also experiment by using the product vertical or cut to different shapes to best fit your needs.

£ 10.99


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